SNIT Business School Mauritius

Review of SNIT Business School.

Is SNIT business School really worth?

SNIT Business school offers a wide variety of NCC ABE courses. Being a student there, I thought I would have a bright career by attending courses offered there. Beginning, there were problems which I thought would resolve. However, little by little, SNIT Business school began to deteriorate in the quality of education it was providing.

Seeing so much problems, finally all my friends decided to write a petition against the direction for the QoS. It was to our great surprise, that all our request was not treated. Problems occurred there are: almost all of the lecturers never give lectures, they just sit with students and talk futile talks, students never get internet connections, however staffs are always online on facebook. SNIT Business School lacks professionalism in its service. Recently, it was confirmed by the Student Administrator that SNIT will not have third year course for students. Almost all students have lost all their years of studying, and now they should search for another university to complete their Degree. SNIT Business School gerants are money-minded people.

Its really a shame. Its all a Business for them. NCC Education offers quality courses, but SNIT isn't on the level required to give such courses. I now wonder how come, NCC approved SNIT for such courses like diploma, advanced diploma and all that. Its a good thing that UoG (University of Greenwich) cancelled all the contract with SNIT Business School. They know very well how the stafss and administrators of this institution are.

I hate SNIT Business School as much as my friends hates this institution. I would never recommend anyone to follow any type of course there. You will lost your money as well as your time. Don't go there!! There are many problems which are in actuality which I didn't mention, but hopefully I definitely will update it within the few days to come.!